Change Your Life and Be The Gift.

The Gift is a 90-day practice to uproot toxic and negative language, images and emotions
that block the flow of an abundant life.

The Gift is free to everyone.

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Join Robert Christiansen every Thursday as he hosts The Gift Mastermind where he answers questions about The Gift and celebrates breakthroughs of those on the journey.

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Every week Robert Christiansen brings forth the core topics of higher self-worth and the obstacles we face. Engaging interviews with thought leaders and practitioners from a wide range of people making a difference in our world.

The Gift Meditation.

The Gift Meditation is available for free on Insight Timer. Robert Christiansen reads The Gift with background music at a slow pace, allowing the listener to repeat the words either in a mirror or with their eyes closed.

Learn the Technology.

The Gift was originally published in the book “The Bug In Our Brain” in 2017. The Bug in Our Brain details Robert Christiansen’s personal journey and the technology used to lift self-worth and change lives forever. It is available on Amazon and Kindle.

The Gift Experience

On August 29, 2015 Robert Christiansen had a massive spiritual experience.

Robert lived in Lake Forest, California in a small home with his wife and college-age daughter. The hot summer day was like every other, typical Sunday in Orange County. Like many weeks before, Robert drove to his weekly spiritual gathering in Rancho Santa Margarita.

In route Robert was overcome with the sudden and profound shift of consciousness. He pulled his car off the road, grabbed a pen, and starting writing. The words flowed through him swiftly and without stop. Over the course of a half an hour, the spiritual download was over and he was left with several pages of notes. The directions he received where clear: “Share this message with everyone, do not change it, and call it The Gift.”

Within days of receiving The Gift, Robert starting reading the words every morning. They spoke to him in a loud and clear voice - instructing him to look at himself in a completely different light. Never before had he consider himself a gift, let alone a gift to others. The Gift disrupted his self-worth, digging out the negative language that separated him from the world.

Robert kept the spiritual experience to himself for 2 years, practicing The Gift daily until the words burned into his subconscious. At first, every rational and scientific ideal rebelled against the concepts The Gift represented. How could words, repeated daily, change the outcome of events and circumstances?

The impact of The Gift on his life was immediate and profound. The results were undeniable.

In July 2017, Robert published the book “The Bug In Our Brain” where The Gift appears in its original form. Thousands of copies of The Gift have been downloaded and share around the world.

It is free and yours to share freely.

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Who We Are.

Robert Christiansen is a teacher, author, leader, entrepreneur, and technologist. In 2015, Robert founded Motive For Life - a professional coaching and publishing company dedicated to elevating self-worth around the global.

Robert is a father of three wonderful humans and lives in Laguna Hills, California with his soulmate of 30+ years.

He is the founder and president of CDM Retreat Center, a 501c3 charity dedicated to helping alcoholic and addicts achieve and maintain long-term sobriety.

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Join The Gift Community and share your experiences with us. This unique and life-changing process forever changes how we see the world. The journey requires a community of like-minded people who understand what you’re doing and how to deal with the emotional changes that occur when doing The Gift.

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